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The Escape of Jack the Ripper: The Truth About the Cover-up and His Flight from Justice (Audiobook)

The audiobook of The Escape of Jack the Ripper is now available for readers and listeners in the United States and Canada. Produced by Tantor Media and sublimely narrated by award-winning British-born, New York City–based actor Julian Elfer.

Release date: 24 August 2021

The Escape of Jack the Ripper: The Truth About the Cover-up and His Flight from Justice

In this new North American edition published by Regnery History, two new chapters consisting of fresh, never-before-seen research sheds further light on the details published in the first UK edition of ‘The Escape of Jack The Ripper’.

Release date: 20 July 2021

The Escape of Jack the Ripper: The Full Truth About the Cover-up and His Flight from Justice

For nearly 100 years, the question has repeatedly been asked: who was ‘Jack the Ripper’? The real question that should be answered however, is why? Why were five poor, defenceless women savagely murdered in the slums of Whitechapel in the Autumn of 1888?

Credible Victorian sources; including an Old Etonian police chief (Sir Melville Macnaghten), a famous writer on true crime (George R. Sims), a Conservative M.P. (Henry Farquharson) and, most incriminatingly, members of the killer’s own family knew that ‘Jack the Ripper’ was Montague John Druitt. He had escaped earthly justice by drowning himself in the Thames.

This book answers the question of why in 1888 Druitt, a barrister, part-time teacher and first-class cricketer, killed and mutilated women driven into prostitution due to social neglect.

Compiled from years of meticulous research The Escape of Jack the Ripper: The Full Truth About the Cover-Up and His Flight From Justice moves between the suffering of impoverished Whitechapel to genteel London society, picturesque Dorset, the Inner Temple and the anonymity of the private asylums of France and England. The struggle of Druitt’s desperate, respectable family to cover-up up for their dead Montie, whilst preventing any innocent person being hung for his crimes, is told here for the very first time.

In the Edwardian era, Sir Melville and G. R. Sims ensured that the public understood that the long deceased Whitechapel fiend was neither poor nor an immigrant, but rather, like it or not, was once a shining product of the British establishment.

Containing many never before published photographs including the debut of the newly discovered last known image taken of M. J. Druitt as an adult.

Jack The Ripper - Case Solved, 1891

jack the ripper case solved 1891

Is there anything new to be read about Jack the Ripper, whose identity has been sought by countless “Ripperologists” for more than 120 years? This book answers an emphatic “Yes!” Drawing on recently discovered sources, the author argues that the Ripper’s identity was no mystery to the police in 1891.

Police chief Sir Melville Macnaghten claimed to know the truth from “private information,” but his source has remained unknown for more than a century. Here, the identity of Sir Melville’s informer is revealed, explaining why the Ripper was disguised as an insane surgeon for public consumption. A number of photos are included, some never before seen.

No fan of Ripper investigations can ignore it … I doubt that anyone else will be able to offer a more comprehensive portrait of this Ripper suspect than these authors have done.. – Dr Katherine Ramsland, Psychology Today

I have read many Jack the Ripper books … but this is the first to convince me the 1880’s case has been definitively solved … It’s highly recommended. – Mystery Scene Magazine