The Authors

Jonathan Hainsworth and Christine Ward-Agius

Jonathan Hainsworth

Jonathan is a graduate of both the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia and is a secondary educator with over 30 years’ experience. His first book, an academic work, Jack the Ripper-Case Solved 1891 (McFarland USA, 2015) explored Scotland Yard Chief Sir Melville Macnaghten and his involvement in the “Jack the Ripper” case. This book received positive reviews and television, print and radio attention.
Jonathan has a passion for historical investigation and the testing of the conventional wisdom. He is a popular lecturer on historical topics and has spoken at many conferences and societies including the 2018, H. Division True Crime Club conference in London and for the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society.

Christine Ward-Agius

Christine is a researcher and artist. She previously worked for many years in the welfare sector, gaining valuable experience about the causes and effects of poverty which informed her interest assisting Jonathan in writing “Case Solved 1891.” Christine’s research helped discover previously unknown sources that strengthened the original, long-ignored solution of Scotland Yard Chief Sir Melville Macnaghten.
Four years of further research including numerous journeys to the UK and France and utilising both traditional and digital archives allowed Christine along with Jonathan to compose a completely original and thoroughly researched book on this Victorian mystery.