Ripper Radio: AM560 Chicago, The Charles Love Show

Jonathan Hainsworth and Christine Ward-Agius recently spoke to Charles Love on AM560 Chicago’s Charles Love Show about The Escape of Jack the Ripper: The Truth About the Cover-up and His Flight From Justice.

Vanished Podcast now live

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Jonathan Hainsworth and Christine Ward-Agius have featured as guests on the Vanished podcast discussing the theory and evidence behind their book The Escape of Jack The Ripper, now available in the UK and recently picked up by Regnery Publishing for the North American market. Vanished is a podcast presented by attorney Jennifer Taylor and investigator […]

Who Was the Real Jack the Ripper and How Did He Escape Justice?


Between 1888 and 1891, about a dozen women driven into prostitution by poverty were murdered in the East End of London, all supposedly by “Jack the Ripper”. Only 5 of these murders were later solved by a police chief, Sir Melville Macnaghten, Assistant Commissioner of the C.I.D.